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,: : : : : ]j: " 6) Draw the following structures and rate their solubilities soluble): deoxyribose, guanine, phosphate. in water (most soluble to least 0- po- h-o- b n"4p' fl ^Y*'fr^\, ,rflsnr"-{ [email protected]*, ddldhL> 6udw, How are these solubilities consistent with the 3D structure of dsDNA? rk- t"'?t pd* pl*fl** 0"n0t svg- w on4q ry t -ot&- Jil-A!-w11' na, wAJtf +/rs lvgfmThobic bx,, 0"y1, h .+hL f,tti or f +At /ntJc\. 7) A closed circular DNA plasmid has 12,600 base pairs (12.6 kb). i>fuoot b ffi ALk_=-} ,\_.- rfrr,J_yn Wffi (c) What is theh6w Zfr? l)^n -J = tt?7 (d) Would this plasmid now be negatively or positively supercoiled?
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Unformatted text preview: /Wru sY/@iled t w'"h+,*,'*al' (e) What is the superhelical density of this supercoiled plasmid? "-il"'. Tra ;'+'h aaPI (g) How could you increase Lkto 1199?? arr.'* *r\ 1"PL (h) How would the linking number change if the DNA molecule was denatured by heat? '^^-{d htt ,,}'4'A-h-,r,,* h*t o{| d^r"p rwtrc,artlo*- ;hth'tuervy r 6e 1)& 1vraul,, ,.-ril ruwwrt NttL iLL ee',Mel/> -( [email protected] fucn ua H-hr,t4 q.e brlr,.* , bwt q WU s+;r( [( k4fuf . 2], U&g uuvnLw ,,-,U *q ,@r- / d1a v+^,,b sr;aa| b*kt r...
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