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: : : : i: : : ': : ,: g 3*t 8) Bacterial cells grown for several ,.n.rr!,ror, "A"#"rntaining medium were switched to r5N- containing medium fot foul: generations and then their DNA was extracted and subjected to separation on a CsCl density gradient atpH7. a) What types of DNA molecules and in what proportions would be observed in this gradient? + ov/N +'h/on, b) If DNA replication were conservative (i.e . daughter DNA was comprised of two newly- synthesized strands of DNA), what types of DNA molecules and in what proportions would be observed in this gradient after one generation in lsN medial \ W do,rw -) Pou,e D,/A vi)/h o'l'l'rW 9) Why would it not make sense for the cell to wait to combine Okazaki fragments into one continuous lagging strand until the entire DNA molecule had.been replicated? 4 tNA t$,4sn't'!- ,, b3 tuA ,h d^ot wqah WW frw, 0,^ O ffi*w wa ;a;rtbl
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Unformatted text preview: ,tn.dvL ?NW,!e Tutpviu+w|1 {^utq sq"trrt^' "iutd, LaXg,i,ttr Jwantl ,ryM { ,ry okauh'ffl^W) yilil afwth br pa*Wd, ^^0t ia forunsilb t' 4k poWu frr%r4r4 *X ll>" d-*, SWI|- in+o a &'r1r4rvt4 fuei s*^*7. \ ith" io+o &'r1r4tvr4 tq7r( szi",ttr. >rium is a circular. double-stranded DNA mol 10) The"chromosome of a certain bacterium is a circular, double-stranded DNA molecule of 5.2 X 106 base pairs. The chromosome contains one origin of replication and the rate of replication-fork movement is 1000 nucleotides per second. Calculate the time (minutes and seconds) required to replicate the chromosome. tw nTtnvn Fk, forn at 4J nr7irL "l n?Ltciln ,^01 m64 in ftop(tS0 d,tWq,^ottS 1,4/rl^l' W hur.,l nt ,', potht ,Wie rA0*f3tn eed4 rc4;sw! wryt^rarlt ry +N In^t bP z Ie*bg,/s =1tfuo5 = gt;n-^5 mdu^rtlz iltutL b otyt/ettssel a d...
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