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MBB 22lTutorial Problem Set #5: (Chapters 24 and25) (The week of June 28'h, 2010) L) In bacteria, replication initiates at a single site called the origin' Is the origin of replication likely to be richer in G:::C o' Y base pairs? -fut* $ b'jeeh' 2) Draw a schematic representation of the enzymatic events at a replication fork in E' coli and descriUe the function ofiach of the proteins involved' Ww,u{A\b - SUtts zl kz> t toryA6onafbo 7.lr101,,t(tW ?' nfi ()o\Y{tr'ta/'(' L 4. ?Nh h\v"*ax'L
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Unformatted text preview: ,.?vA qp \ue b k,,,v*A. 3) Consider the following segment of DNA, which is part of a much longer molecule: ..... 5' _ATTCGTACGATCGACTGACTGACAGTC-3' ""' ,.... 3' _TAAGCATGCTAGCTGACTGACTGTCAG-5' "" If the polymerase starts replicating this segment from the left' a) Which will be the template for the leading strand? 4 - 5' Ct b) f 3/ lrrfr-{ **J; I the molecule when the pNA polymerase is halfway along this segment' ";:iN' &eU 'ru FLlhA,rhrc Aot -!l 2.L r,A...
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