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IMG_0004_NEW_0053 - to stain DNA bands in Vgel These...

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6)Describethefollowingmutations: lz/,tryu tl pl;ollg , + ) k'*( :'WilryUX>t0etI"^,ryy vv,rw'r"J Ev tarrv;lu tu b) Tr 1k- ft$4uhgil1 * GL-> otn I c) Sllent mutations t4narttns 4d, w Transversiohi or1 -o(f a, gw,n Q x VXn*r*;tt-n j a flri,.i,t^'VtE or pwit. (' TlCompounds such as ethidium bromide and acridine orange can be used
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Unformatted text preview: to stain DNA bands in Vgel' These compounds are very "*r"r for research; to*,r. ., care must be taken when working with these compounds because th"y u." powerful mutagens. Exprain why. 7, ,*.ap*oial ryiw y +M--wn 1 w t$* a WJU: <ffut in\yrUtl_ "tt+h W"'n/A& NA .r( lnnlxlh S-ta J ,*^C lt.d-ro...
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