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:= 8) List 3 types of damage or modification that can occur to bases and give an example of each. ;:' Classifu the type of damage as a resulting from a chemical mutagen, ionizing radiation, or spontaneous damage. Explain how each of these can be repaired (use a different repair mechanism for each). lpnr-g . rc Og ga,,uXe b Kela;7 1 9) Draw out the formation and resolution of a Holliday junction and label the products as being recombinant or non-recombinant heteroduplex DNA. Explain the difference. (l lelidlt 10) Name three DNA-hydrolyzing enzymes that use an active tyrosine
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Unformatted text preview: to covalently attach to-one of the DNA cleavage product, and state what the function of each enzyme is. lbc t1 sLidl zl t 0l'0"/% o^A, girr.a,nA ) IOIWU lt to Sl'a"vlr: \ tlt/t2) Wretnbi^M l,efl40A^4b*' frsa an e/^:tArc N Lbnilh su*f5 "l *#il ( n,r*-,rr-,Ut^-,4 luru"rrt,-fur, g^A Iw D4r &flw,z:-f *r J+^/od | * d,4rr *{p"A w,,or' Wobilav{1 9 ^ F{"[td]^S"U "^clit) O WA logoifwww+ l 0 rt,A kyise-r*taoo A @ C+e,te,b,b^ssa.( bW to ryitL y,**S 67 pt lr,*t rnlA, Wy +,4,\t*t +ffrt]w , 'n +hN y 9t4( vztnl;n*t.n tk^ q" ti+e (W gunone tud. ayt...
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