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IMG_0004_NEW_0056 - a double-strulita.O DN=A...

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:::."!' 0 (,*\ t*il'i5Y'T!"AY3^uq3*' t frdtgt H)v (t "nt1''r bld 1'p i+ a^d c,tt nn w *ft, I '," \.! :i- - 5) Some people have a natural resistance to HIV infection. Even though they have been subjected to entry of the virus into their bodies, the virus has not entered tlle lJrelper cells in their immune systems. Suggest a genetic mechanism for such resistance. LWt$$?tryl) I IAth,S , , g tAN virw nFt vW+ Vi^tt b IrrA v,tA rT W4 c.ttUl rytott,ul'). 9 pv 1;b'b'48 * n't'rabr*'tg "+ 1t*'l'yw'u{Al' /' 6) A human papillomavirus (HPVI is a member of the papillomavirus family of viruses that is capable of infecting humans. While the majority of the nearly 200 known types of HPV cause no symptoms in most people, some types of HPV in a small number of people can lead to cancers; ( \ 3WX,{'a-r**) t:W,:,W.3-,*"-; /"ik-yy 6' €xft !rw'* ^ -/ ofif.Wg /,r/ W?y W,W in particular, cervical cancer in women. Suggest a possible ntgchanism for HPV to initiate.human 7) a) You work with an organism that
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Unformatted text preview: a double-strulita.O DN=A genomeY"hich it OOZ CC 4/"frT You are planning to construct a genomic library from this organism and would like to --, ,-lFtr predict the ar&&S_!1ze of restriction fragments. What would be the average fragment sizes H'r*f** [ab?#;[Ufo the fo'owinr .:,r;.": EcoN (GtAATc); sau3A (GArc) and NotI tufL L h / A Arr o ), | *+r^;r{"i, Qr/) t^/tffi":,,#i,rl,,j,}) : llr-/a 5a.u7AL/c1fr((,) . t''urtl ;', rq,ltfilltu/")&21= =b-7t' oJ \ns/o try*l"t- r' "fo"u*'o' @/'lt>illtu/st72l=77t bp t\/oLl-( et /c6&cetc )' J' arcGqcc ac 5' , 6/J = $t*bp = $lL '/ it chccCtgclGY' b) Which of the following type II restriction enzymes produce 5' ovp6hangs, 3' overhangs and blunt ends upon digestion?: f,{ }JV. n a: Sac,K*.n.' A1 t'alacfc;t, l' *utl*s J) l,{ccQctA +' b: Kpn I: GGTAc\c: ' trTfr^ro't' r vvvt tvr\/)) I nAclfi s' c: Sma I: CCC\GGG: t , Vl Al,rlg,t\ il**1j:,';:::."t ' THZI 3'u't6t ,t:ii! bw ,3' ,) y,ffii tuil,*n* Jrvcc4i.,^t_,...
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