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8) A linear fragment of DNA is cleaved with the individual restriction enzymes HindIII and Smal and then with a combination of the two enzymes. The fragments obtfired are: Hindrrr z'kb+s.'kb fu)7n1{'trattu' {, Ak-{ 3' smal 2.0kb+ s.skb @D,ykL 3' -rt Lq4A s', Hindlrr + smar 25kb + 3.0W2 .oo, ,-tllr, , r, c c cB (tL> 3 / a) Draw the restriction map. d OCtC)Cfc f , (tra;t-) i '.5*t) q,r.RT b) The mixture of fragments produced by the combined enzymes is cleaved with the enzyme EcoRI. resulting in the loss of the3kb fragment and the appearance stained with ethidi t. Mark the EcoRI tt aln 6tln J.J APRa qW + zs.Yb sth t^Rl- + SN'2 4W+ 1.5?! + z?b tw 9) a) Outline a procedure to insert a transgene into the pBR322 vector and confirm its presence
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Unformatted text preview: in the vector. The transgene is present in a fragment that was digested using Psil. (Refer to lecture notes for pBR322 structure.) eg, rJ t.s r >) dtffi*, Ttvryytau . 4r*yd,"U"), * Tef,/arff\ b) Briefly describe several rationales for constructing and analyzingtransgenic organisms. 01, *A ovvry\sy1 / ryr,rb"W ?F +/MW tu a. ,"-t'^il ;r,l[,"lt'r 6rn6. O 1o *^t sk ,W 1 ,,''^+^+e"A '*W in etr y /ry*"'r, g {, w l*'bf, y,* nfut'*rtt # tufl We) J J* /",'.rkovE' ?,Il'b ?@lp.A'. t' cfrn rrc:' 4 c rT Adbs' a 0 X, frvWfuw-1*,^",^'rl{0 " 1'vt'ca ifu W rtr o il'"qh g 7, & ,^'l' P^h {tu 1a*'&,,t 1 int'i{...
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