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Question 2 continued. .... Ho,,,,f^X,oH Fv ( v,75)- t,1-a1'loVn+'w{"tol 7' r,3- oLicl Chemical Formula: / vFlp f ' *fiteflwic NAME: 4-^dhL- - - iv<lfl+-ic c,d J Ghemical Formula: 3. Gonsider the following molecules. D c B {l for each): , 1 2 o,b >< 4.@ _"-I._-lq (, molecules A and
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Unformatted text preview: B, indicate the degree of unsaturation (1 mark Molecule A: Molecule B: b) for EACH molecule, draw in 4g[or circle the most ACIDIC proton(s] (lowest pKn).(2 marks total) c) which molecule (A, B, G or D) has the most acidic proton? (1 mark)...
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