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ECE 1: Computer Engineering Freshman Seminar[3/30/2009 2:28:06 PM] ECE 1: Previous Offerings of the Seminar Behrooz Parhami: 2009/01/06 || E-mail: parhami at || Other contact info at: Bottom of this page Go up to: B. Parhami's course syllabi or his home page Background and history of ECE 1 This 1-unit freshman seminar (offered for the first time in spring 2007) was proposed and developed by Professor Parhami. The main goal of the seminar is to expose incoming students to challenging computer engineering problems, faced by practicing engineers and research scientists, in a way that is both entertaining and motivating. The course is useful because CE students have very limited exposure to key concepts in their chosen major during their initial studies that involve mostly foundational, basic science, and general-education courses. Special note: Web links in the following descriptions may be out of date. Please refer to the most recent offering of ECE 1 for up-to-date information. Link to the most recent offering of ECE 1 Previous offerings of ECE 1 Spring Quarter 2008 Spring Quarter 2007 Return to: Top of this page ECE 1: Spring Quarter 2008 offering This area is reserved for important course announcements: The spring 2008 offering of the course is now over. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Have a pleasant summer! Course: ECE 1 – Ten Puzzling Problems in Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, Spring Quarter 2008, Enrollment Code 09852 Catalog entry: 1. Ten Puzzling Problems in Computer Engineering. (1) PARHAMI. Prerequisite: open to pre-computer engineering only. Seminar, 1 hour. Gaining familiarity with, and motivation to study, the field of computer engineering, through puzzle-like problems that represent a range of challenges facing computer engineers in their daily problem-solving efforts and at the frontiers of research. Instructor: Behrooz Parhami, Room 5155 HFH (Engineering I), Phone 805-893-3211, E-mail parhami at Meetings: W 5:00-6:15, in Phelps 1260 Consultation: Open office hours, held in Room 5155 HFH (Engineering I) – T 9:00-10:30, R 10:00-11:30 Motivation: Whether they work in the industry or in academic research settings, computer engineers face many challenges in their quest to design or effectively employ faster, smaller, lower-energy, and more cost-effective systems. Most computer engineering students do not begin tackling such problems, and more generally are not exposed to specific challenges of their field of
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ECE 1: Computer Engineering Freshman Seminar[3/30/2009 2:28:06 PM] study, until they enroll in upper-division major courses. Meanwhile, during their freshman- and sophomore-year experiences with foundational courses in mathematics, physics, electrical circuits, and programming, they wonder about where they are headed and what types of problems they will encounter as working professionals. This course is intended to provide an
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ece001-2007-08 - ECE 1 Computer Engineering Freshman...

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