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Component Construction Component Construction Vishay Semiconductors www.vishay.com For technical questions concerning emitters, contact: [email protected] Document Number: 80081 1 For technical questions concerning detectors, contact: [email protected] Rev. 1.3, 06-Jun-08 Photodetector and infrared emitter components are available in plastic or metal packages. Plastic devices mostly include a lens to improve radiant sensitivity or radiant intensity. Detector chips are mounted on flat leadframe surfaces while leadframes for emitters have a silver plated reflector performing higher radiant intensity.
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Unformatted text preview: Devices in metal packages are hermetically sealed, are released for extended operating temperature range and have small optical and mechanical tolerances. Plastic package IRED chip Reflector Anode Cathode AU-b ond w ire Lead frame 94 8 314 96 11621-1 Chip Bond w ire Reflector cone filled w ith epoxy Leadframe Polarity identification White plastic case Cathode Anode Black plastic package daylight b locking filter PI N diode chip Collimating lens 94 8 165 Cathode Anode PI N diode chip Metal can package Glass w indo w 94 8 315...
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