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ECE 2: Circuits, Devices & Systems Laboratory Report Guidelines Unless otherwise specified, Lab reports are due one week from the completion of each lab, at the start of your subsequent lab session. Your report should be typed. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages required – the basic idea is to report on what you did and what you learned, at the minimum level of detail that is necessary for a technically-competent third-party reader to reproduce your results. You should keep a lab notebook to record all your measurements, but the report should summarize this data in tabular form, should be accompanied by a circuit schematic and/or measurement setup diagram, and where appropriate the data should be presented graphically using Excel or some other similar program. Rough sketches of graphs will not be accepted. Be concise: there is no incentive to submit unnecessary prose. Also, avoid informal and personal expressions such as “I did this” or “we took data”. Finally, your lab report
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