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Anthropology term list - Anthropology Cash crop- a...

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Anthropology Cash crop - a cultivated commodity raised for sale rather than for personal consumption by the cultivator Commercialization -the increasing dependence on buying and selling, with money usually as the medium of exchange Extensive/shifting cultivation - a type of horticulture in which the land is worked for short periods and then left to regenerate for some years before being used again Food collection -all forms of subsistence technology in which food getting is dependent on the cultivation and domestication of plants and animals Foragers - people who subsist on the collection of naturally occurring plants and animals. Also referred to as hunter gathers or food collectors Horticulture - plant cultivation carried out with relatively simple tools and methods; nature is allowed to replace nutrients in the soil, in the absence of permanently cultivated fields Subsistence economy - economies in which almost all able-bodied adults are largely engaged in getting food for themselves and their families Corvee - a system of required labor General - purpose money-a universally accepted medium of exchange Special - purpose money- objects of value for which only some goods and services can be exchanged Kula ring - Trobriand Islands- a ceremonial exchange of valued shell ornaments in the Trobriand Islands, in which white shell armbands are traded around the islands in a counterclockwise direction and red shell necklaces are traded clockwise Commercial exchange - transactions in which the “prices” are subject to supply and demand, whether or not transactions occur in a marketplace Peasants - rural people who produce food for their own subsistence but who must also contribute or sell their surpluses to others (in towns and cities) who do not produce their own food Economic resources/wealth - are things that have value in a culture, including land, tools
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Anthropology term list - Anthropology Cash crop- a...

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