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ECE 124d Lab 4 1 week: This lab has 2 parts -- in both parts you are examining the behavior of circuits given a noisy environment, namely, power coupled noise. Part 1 Using the fast repeater circuit you built for Lab 2b, instrument the spice deck so that you have separate power and ground connections for each inverter/repeater. Do this by making the power and ground connections of your cells available if you used sub-circuits and then add separate power and ground voltage sources to each buffer, all referenced to node 0. (Do not vary the ground terminals you used in your wire models-- you don’t know where they have been!) Charac- terize the total line delay variation when the Vdd and Gnd sources both have 10% deviations from nominal values. For the .130um technology that means that Vdd will be between 1.17V and 1.43V Gnd will be between -0.13V and 0.13V. Assume no correlations between the variations (i.e. each of the voltages is varying independently, for each of the repeaters). Measure the delay from input
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