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Quiz5_Soln0001 - ECE7124a Quiz 5 Name Sotufib V13 Consider...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE7124a ' Quiz 5 Name: Sotufib V13 Consider the following logic function: f = (a’bd+ab+ab’d+acd’+cd)’. Construct a static CMOS complex gate implementing this function. Input b is known to be the last arriving value. (Hint: you need only 12 transistors.) a. Draw the schematic for this gate after simplification (draw a k-map!) label the transistors by their input variable. OD - 0' Fun 1 l to ,. W WWWWW MN @pttll'down: 3=alo+cd+ «abbot me PDN R53: Mad”) + c twat) tad 9PW\\*\)\\02 'Ftflbsdllla'biCi+bgC1dr9 P=a'ol' + \a'c’Cmct‘) VWWWW b.This gate can be arranged as an Euler path. On the Stick outline below, label transistors and draw in the contacts and wires to complete the gate. EMU)" PWHA : d - A. __ i0 _, C .. d *OL, V99 :1. ...
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