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lab2 copy - UCSB Spring 2010 ECE 146B: Communications II...

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Unformatted text preview: UCSB Spring 2010 ECE 146B: Communications II Lab 2: Two-dimensional modulation Assigned: April 16, 2010 Due: April 30, 2010 (at the beginning of the lab session) Lab Objectives: To implement in complex baseband a linearly modulated system for a variety of signal constellations. To estimate the performance of these schemes for an ideal channel via simulation, and compare with analytical expressions derived in class. Remark: In this and succeeding labs, you will occasionally be using concepts that have not yet been covered in class (or will not be covered formally at all in class). You will just have to get used to working with partial information, as we often need to do in real life, and take certain facts as given even if we have not formally derived them. 0) For Lab 2, you should build on your own code from Lab 1. If you had difficulty completing Lab 1, ask the instructor or TA for a template to the solutions to Lab 1. We will probably just provide a template from the best code turned in for Lab 1. We will use a trivial channel filter throughout this lab as well. 1) Write a matlab function randbit that generates random bits taking values in { , 1 } (not 1) with equal probability. 2) Write the following functions mapping bits to symbols for different signal constellations. Write the functions to allow for vector inputs and outputs. The mapping is said to be a Gray code, or Gray labeling, if the bit map for nearest neighbors in the constellation differ by exactly one bit. In all of the following, choose the bit map to be a Gray code. (a) bpskmap: input a 0 / 1 bit, output a 1 bit....
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lab2 copy - UCSB Spring 2010 ECE 146B: Communications II...

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