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ECE 147B Digital Control Systems: Theory and Design Winter 2011 1/1 Calendar (Tentative, since lab schedule may change after Week 1) Lecture: Tues. and Thur., 3:30-4:45pm, Girv 2127 Lab Group 1: Wednesdays, 7-9:50pm, HFH 3120 Lab Group 2: Fridays, 1-3:50pm, HFH 3120 Grading: 25% Homework. (Best 7 out of 8 assignments.) 25% Lab. (7 pre-labs [25% of Lab grade] and 7 lab reports [75%]; Lab 4 is extra credit, only.) 20% Midterm exam. (1 sheet of notes allowed; you must prepare your own notes.) 30% Final exam. (2 sheets of notes allowed; you must prepare your own notes.) Other Notes: 1. Homework is due at the start of class and can be submitted ahead of time in the drop box (outside lab). 2. Only the highest 7 out of 8 HW and Module grades will be counted. (i.e., you may skip one.) 3. For the midterm exam, you are allowed one (1) single-sided 8½ x 11 sheet of self-prepared notes. 4. For the final exam, you are allowed two (2) single-sided 8½ x 11 sheets of self-prepared notes. 5.
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