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ECE 147B Digital Control Systems: Theory and Design Winter 2011 1 / 2 Homework 3 Out: February 26, 2011. Due: Friday, March 4, 2011, at 5 pm , in the homework boxes outside Harold Frank Hall 3120. Problem 1. For the open loop system G(s) = ௒ሺ௦ሻ ௎ሺ௦ሻ = ଺ସ ାଵ଴௦ା଺ସ a) Find the discrete state-space representation assuming there is a ZOH and sampling time of T=.01 sec. b) Find the full state digital feedback that provides equivalent s-plane poles at
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Unformatted text preview: ߱ ௡ =30 rad/s with ߞ ൌ .6 . c) Using MATLAB, plot the response of the closed-loop discrete-time system to an initial value of y and verify that the response is consistent with the desired poles. Problem 2. Franklin, Powell, and Workman (FPW) 8.6. Problem 3 . FPW 8.12. Problem 4 . FPW 8.22. Problem 5 . FPW 8.23....
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