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ECE 158 Fall 2010: Lab Instructions And some tips on getting a good grade 1. Lab reports are due at the start of the lab in which you are enrolled on the following week . 2. There are three options for submitting a lab report: (1) Hand a printed version to your lab TA during lab, (2) Drop a printed version in the homework box, or (3) email a PDF document to [email protected] before it is due . Only PDF files will be accepted for electronic submission . Please print all labs double- sided if possible. 3. Start each lab report with a summary (~5 sentences). This should be in your own words and should demonstrate an understanding of what was performed and learned in the lab. 4. Each section of the lab should have a corresponding section in the lab report (i.e. 2.0, 2.1…). Answers to questions, including code and figures, should appear under the corresponding section numbers. 5. When answering questions posed in the lab, prose is preferred to “No”, “Yes”,
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Unformatted text preview: etc. These types of answers will not receive full credit, even if they are correct. 6. Do not double space. 7. Code included in your report should be formatted like CODE . Use the “Courier” font for code and single space . Here is an example: 10 INPUT "What is your name: "; U$ 20 PRINT "Hello "; U$ 30 REM 40 INPUT "What percent grade do you deserve (0-100): "; N 8. All figures should have captions and labeled axes. 9. All figures should be appropriately sized and easily readable. Increase the ‘linewidth’ if plots are hard to see when printed. 10. A great lab report is short and to the point. The answers given are complete and the figures are understandable. A bad lab is too long. 11. Before submitting, check the lab write-up again to make sure that you have answered all questions and included all necessary code and figures! 12. Write your name and the title of the lab on top (You’d be surprised how often this is forgotten)....
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