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Homework #1 We explore a little bit about binocular vision here. Binocular (two- eyes) vision is critical to human vision, we all have two eyes and we use it to perceive depth. Have you thought about what needs to be done (by the computing machinery in our brains) to solve this depth perception problem? 1.each eye takes an instantaneous picture of the 3D world. Let us assume that the visual brain is seeing a replica of this projected image coming from the left and the right eyes. 2.You will notice (by closing alternatively the left and
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Unformatted text preview: the right eyes) that the pictures coming from the L & R are slightly displaced with respect to each other. 3.The brain needs to compute this relative displacement at each point to estimate the depth. Explain, in your own words, the problem that the human brain needs to solve (or compute) in order to analyze the two images coming from L & R eyes, and thus perceive the depth. (no more than two pages, including any graphics you may want to include in your explanation). Due: Thursday, Jan 7, in class....
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