hw1 - ECE194D Homework1 Spring2011 Homework 1 (Due Friday,...

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Prof. Katie 1) Kinem class and different below), d label eac A B C d fo Recall th dexterou 2) Euler designed (orientati [1] A [2] A In either We will r A standa through 6 e Byl matics and w d shown in th possible len determine bo h region. A) L 1 =1, L 2 = B) L 1 =1, L 2 = C) Now, ass exterous wo or L 3 for wh hat the reach s workspace r angles. W d to build b ion) of a rigi A relative co An absolute case, we req refer to case Figur ard America 6 are arrange Homew workspace. he figure be ngths for eac oth i) the rea =1, L 3 =0.2 2, L 3 =1 sume: L 1 =0. orkspace alw ich a dextero hable worksp e is the set of Figure 1 e mentione better intuiti id body. Ro oordinate fra coordinate f quire 3 rotat e 1 as “Euler re 2. Local c an die (e.g., ed such that Ho P work 1 (D Consider th low. Note t ch of the thre achable wor 5, and L 2 =0 ays exist? If ous workspa pace is the s f all points th 1. Kinematic d Euler ang ion about th tation angle me, that is f frame, that re ions to spec angle rotati coordinate fr from a set the number omework 1 Page 1 of 5 ue Friday, A he kinematic that this draw ee links. For kspace and i 0.6. Given s f so, explain ace will exist set of all poi he end effect cs of 3-link a gle rotations he conventio s can be spe fixed to the r emains fixed ify any arbit on” and case rame definiti Las Vegas s on opposit April 15, at 5 cs of the 3-li wing is not t r each set of ii) the dexte some arbitra n why. If no t. ints the end t can reach a arm (problem only briefl ons typicall cified either otating body d; i.e., a glob trary orienta e 2 as “fixed ion for dice i dice) is sho te faces alwa pm) ink arm exam to scale. We f lengths giv erous worksp ary value fo ot, specify th effector can at an arbitra m 1). ly in class. ly used to r with respec y bal coordinat ation of a rig d angle rotati in problem 2 own above. ays sum to 7 Spring Due 4/15/ mple discuss wish to con en (sets A an pace. Sketch or L 3 , will he range of v n reach, whil ary angle. This proble specify rota ct to: te frame. gid body in s ion”. 2.
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hw1 - ECE194D Homework1 Spring2011 Homework 1 (Due Friday,...

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