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HW4_quiz_review_revB - ECE194D Dueinclass,Tues.May24...

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ECE 194D Homework 4 – Extra Credit Quiz Review Due in class, Tues. May 24 Page 1 of 5 Homework 4 – Extra Credit Problem 1 This problem involves the standard, 2-link, planar robot arm we’ve discussed several times in class. Figure 1 shows a cartoon of an arm, where θ 1 is the absolute angle of link 1, with respect to the x axis, and where θ 2 is the relative angle of link 1, with respect to θ 1 . (Both angles are measured in the counter-clockwise direction.) Lengths are intentionally NOT drawn to scale! Fig. 1: Link lengths, L 1 and L 2 , are not drawn to scale, and angles do not correspond to the solution configuration! Say you have a 2-link arm that is in a geometric configuration such that the Jacobian is: ܬ ൌ ቂ െ3.5 െ1.5 2 3 a) Sketch the 2-link arm corresponding to this Jacobian (to scale). Label the coordinates of the elbow (x m , y m ) and of the end effector (x e , y e ). Recall: ߦ ൌ ܬݍ . Here, ߦ ൌ ቂ ݔ ݕ and ݍ ൌ ൤ ߠ ߠ .
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ECE 194D Problem a) For th are requi b) Derive are no ap Also assu Fig. 2 – Th Defini
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  • Fall '09
  • Extra Credit Quiz, Credit Quiz Review