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Lab 1. Data Logging and Visualization. The primary purpose of this lab is to help you learn about how to build and download C code for the Lego NXT (Mindstorms) controller, via Simulink models in MATLAB. However, it is always much more fun to have a goal in mind, to learn the “details” only as a means of accomplishing some particular task(s). And so for this lab, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to accomplish the following two tasks: 1. Modify code that you are given so that you display (within a figure in MATLAB) an animation of the two-link Lego arm as you move it through space. Side notes: As part of the lab check-off, you may be asked how your code works, what steps you used to make your visualization of the data more accurate (if any), and also what you notice about performance: e.g., Does the animation “look right” to you? How did you set the “initial conditions” for each trial, and how accurate was your initialization method, would you guess? How bad is the time delay between the true motion and your animation, roughly?
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