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ECE 194d Lab 3 Spring 2011 Prof. Katie Byl Page 1 of 1 UCSB Lab 3. Robot ping-pong ball toss competition. Deliverables: Each lab group must submit a short (~3-page) Lab Report by 5pm Wed., April 20 (in dropbox). All or part of the written report may be replaced or enhanced by a narrated video demonstration, showing both the design process and resulting arm performance: we strongly encourage video documentation! For fun, we will run a contest, to be defined more precisely by the TA’s in lab, to compare accuracy, repeatability, and distance of your robot’s toss. The winning team will receive a $25 coupon for If practical, we will allow teams to tune and simulate controller after lab and will run additional “contest” runs again on Thursday, April 21, for teams wishing to improve their system outside the 3-hour lab period. Overview The goal of this lab is to control the two-link arm to launch a ping-pong ball into a receptacle. As always, you are encouraged to explore various solutions, depending on your personal
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