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ECE 194d Lab 6 Spring 2011 Prof. Katie Byl Page 1 of 1 UCSB Lab 6. ”Segway” Inverted Pendulum Robot. Deliverables: Each lab group must submit a short (~3-4 page) Lab Report, processing data collected during Lab 5, by 5pm Wed., May 11 (in the dropbox). Include the following: 1. Include your derivation of the equations of motion, via paper calculation or MATLAB code (using the symbolic toolbox and fulldiff). Be sure to list model parameters you used, as well as the resulting A and B matrices (numeric values) for the modeled plant. 2. Also clearly specify your controller gains, i.e., the values in vector K, and how you obtained them. For example, if you used the lqr function in MATLAB, also document your Q and R matrices in your report. Or, if you used the “ place ” command (or acker ”) in MATLAB, be sure to document your closed-loop pole locations. 3. What were the modeled open-loop poles? And what are the expected closed-loop poles? 4.
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