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ECE 194d Lab 7 Spring 2011 Prof. Katie Byl Page 1 of 1 UCSB Lab 7. ”Segway” Motion Control Contest. Deliverables: Each lab group must submit a short (~2-3 page) Multi-media Lab Report, which includes a movie or animation of an impulse response, by 5pm Thurs., May 19 (in the dropbox). Include the following: 1. Document your overall controller to stabilize and to drive the robot forward. Include the following: gains used, how wheels are controlled to stay synchronized, and a plot of the reference trajectory you used (for wheel velocity). Also, describe briefly how you tuned gains. (e.g., LQR Q and R matrices used, or any overall scaling to the K gains you may have tried, etc.) 2. Be sure to save log data! Also, either video tape your robot or create a MATLAB animation, based on log data. (Video taping is easier!) In your report, include plots of body angle and wheel angle(s) over time, including response to an external perturbation. (i.e., an impulse response, where you tap the robot and then let it recover.)
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