lab2_2011 - 1 ECE145a / 218A lab project #2 Resistive...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ECE145a / 218A lab project #2 Resistive feedback amplifier with Tuning. Mark Rodwell, 2010, with acknowledgments to Prof. Long. Your assignment is to design and construct a resistive feedback amplifier as diagramed in Figure 1 and Figure 2. Students in 145a will build the untuned version; students in 218a the tuned version. The transistor is to be an Avago AT-42035; I suggest biasing the device at Vce=8 Volts and Ic=10 mA. Please note that Avago is a recent spin-off of Agilent, in turn a spin-off of Hewlett-Packard; the part appears in the parts library of the 2009 version of ADS as a pb_HP_AT42035_19920721. Resistors Rf and Ree set the amplifier gain and input impedance; resistors Rbx and Rcc, together with the associated power supplied, set the transistor bias conditions. Design relationships for Rf and Ree are given in the class notes. Please note however that Rcc and Rbx provide additional shunt circuit loading and hence the design parameters for Rf and Ree must be adjusted for the presence of Rcc and Rbx. The network analyzer, sampling oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer all cost well above $20k, and all have easily-damaged inputs. To project these, you *must* use the input and output DC blocking capacitors, with a value of 100 pf for each. Figure 1: Untuned resistive feedback amplifier (145a) 2 Figure 2: Tuned resistive feedback amplifier (218a) Assignment Please do the following: 1) Design by hand the amplifier for 10 dB gain. Estimate by hand, by the time constant method, the expected 3-dB bandwidth. method, the expected 3-dB bandwidth....
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lab2_2011 - 1 ECE145a / 218A lab project #2 Resistive...

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