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B-C JUNCTION ECE 221B Spring 2011 Homework 4 Due: Thu 26 th May, 2011 1. For some unknown reason, possibly dislocation-assisted diffusion, the base doping in the bipolar transistor diffuses back into the collector forming a base profile shown in the figure below. Calculate the transit time across the structure. Assume v s = 10 7 cm/s and μ = 1000 cm
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Unformatted text preview: 2 /Vs for electrons. You may approach the problem with a circuit technique by considering a parallel connection of transistors. 2. Derive the equation for base delay in the when the saturation velocity of electrons in the base collector junction is v sat (Eq. 7.5.9) in the text book. 3. Prob. 7.11 4. Prob. 7.15 5. Prob. 7.17...
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