Syllabus - VLSI Devices: MOS Transistors, Caps, Diodes,...

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ECE 224a -- Syllabus Forrest Brewer ECE 224a is a VLSI project lab in which students construct designs which are submitted to MOSIS and subsequently tested. The course is “advanced” in that at least 1 prior VLSI class is required, and 2 are prefereable. The onus is not in the teaching of tools, but in design construction within a practical flow. Topics: Layout/Fabrication Device Layout: contact, resistor, cap, transistor Cell Layout: std. cell constriants, abstraction, LEF/DEF, scaling Block Layout: Floorplanning and WirePlanning Clock and Power Layout
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Unformatted text preview: VLSI Devices: MOS Transistors, Caps, Diodes, etc. Device Variability: (sea of devices and moment reduction) High Voltage: ESD, Driver, Guard Rings, Noise Mitigation, Rad Hardness Analysis Transient (Spice, couping, noise modeling, jitter) Logical (Verilog, Static Timing, Power Analysis) Transaction Level (C, system-C, Bluespec) Data-Path and Memory Circuits Static/Dynamic Memories Ancillary Memory Analog Circuits Analog Layout Noise Issues: Substrate, Coupling, Power Variability and Matching Analog Device Layout...
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