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ECE 238 Advanced Control Design Laboratory Fall 2011 (Last revised Sep 22, 2011) Page 1 of 2 Syllabus Course Syllabus Description This is a project-based course in digital control. We will cover a variety of topics relevant and typical to real-world control implementations: sampling, filters, digital control design, non-linear dynamic effects (saturation, slew rates, friction, backlash, etc.), and a variety of advanced control techniques. Typical final projects include inverted pendulum swing up and stabilization, pendubot control, a chaotic bouncing ball, a maglev device, and a balancing seesaw. Additional student-designed options are certainly possible (and encouraged!), but you must demonstrate working hardware by the mid-term review to continue work on any project using equipment that is not already in the Control Lab (HFH 3120A). Instructor Prof. Katie Byl ([email protected]) Room 5115, Harold Frank Hall (HFH) Lecture Tuesday and Thursday, 2-3:50pm, in HFH 3120A (Controls Lab). Please note the planned change of room , above. If our class enrollment is too large for everyone to fit comfortably in lab, we may also be split lectures into two groups. Lab Open hours, by card access, in HFH 3120A. You may generally use lab during any hours EXCEPT 7-10 Tuesday and Thursday, as these times are pre-assigned for ECE 147A labs. Please stop by the ECE Electronics Shop (HFH 1160) to let them know you will need access to 3120A for ECE 238. If you do not already have an access card, you will
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course ECE 238 taught by Professor Smith,r during the Fall '08 term at UCSB.

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Syllabus_ece238_F11 - ECE 238 Advanced Control Design...

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