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1 Winter 2010: ECE 241 Multimedia Compression Text Coverage and Additional References Jerry D. Gibson Text: K. Sayood, Introduction to Data Compression , 3 rd edition, 2006. This course covers Multimedia Compression standards for voice, audio, still images, and video, with an emphasis on developing the key underpinnings, performance results, functionalities, and applications. The selected textbook is unique in that it provides an introduction to data compression methods, but with the great advantage that it includes introductions to the digital signal processing methods that play a pivotal role in lossy source coding for practical sources. The topical coverage of the course will align primarily with Chapters 11 and 13-18. We will need bits and pieces of the other chapters in the book, particularly for those students who have not taken ECE 242. The text has perhaps the best tutorial treatment of lossless source coding available in any one reference to date. Since lossless coding methods are important components of many standards, those chapters are invaluable. Additional References:
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ECE241_MAT221_Text_Coverage - Winter 2010 ECE 241...

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