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ECE241CourseProject - Winter 2010 ECE 241 Multimedia...

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1 Winter 2010: ECE 241 Multimedia Compression Course Project Requirements Jerry D. Gibson Overview: A major portion of the grade for ECE 241 will depend on the course project and we provide a summary of the expectations for the course project here. The purpose of the project is to give the student the opportunity to investigate a particular standard, or aspects of a particular standard, in greater detail than will be covered in class. A secondary goal is to expose other students in the class to new results, ideas, and insights concerning particular multimedia compression standards. As a consequence, the project will consist of a final presentation as well as a final written project report. Versions of the final presentation and the final project should be submitted electronically in Adobe pdf for distribution to the class by publishing them on the course web site. A more complete version of the report that includes, for example, matlab or C code, can be submitted to the instructor.
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