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ECE241Multimedia CompressionW2010

ECE241Multimedia CompressionW2010 - ECE 241 Multimedia...

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ECE 241 Multimedia Compression (4 Units) Winter Quarter 2010 Prerequisites : ECE 158 or equivalent plus ECE 140 or 235, or consent of instructor Instructor : Jerry D. Gibson , [email protected] Course Description : Speech, audio, still image, and video compression. Overview of standards and their applications, with an emphasis on underlying technologies, algorithms, and performance. Source decompositions, perceptual models, quantization and lossless coding of parameters. Codec designs for robustness, diversity, and scalability. Course Objectives: To introduce the student to current standards in speech, audio, still image, and video compression and their fundamental components. To allow the student to investigate one standard in detail. Textbook : K. Sayood, Introduction to Data Compression , third edition, Morgan- Kaufmann, 2006, plus selected readings. Grading: In addition to problems and simulations, the homework will consist of selected readings and presentations by the students. There will be two projects.
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