ece252b-2000-08 - ece_252b_old ECE 252B: History and...

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file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Behrooz Parhami/My Documents/d0hot/website-revamp-2009/ece_252b_old.htm[3/30/2009 1:59:35 PM] ECE 252B: History and Previous Offerings Behrooz Parhami: 2009/01/06 || E-mail: parhami at || Other contact info at: Bottom of this page Go up to: B. Parhami's course syllabi or his home page Background and history of ECE 252B Professor Parhami took over the teaching of ECE 252B from the late Dr. James Howard in the winter quarter of 1989. By covering sequential machines, computer arithmetic, and advanced microprocessor-based design, the graduate course sequence ECE 252A/B/C was meant to provide the students with a firm foundation in the theories and techniques of advanced digital design. During the first few offerings of ECE 252B, Professor Parhami gradually modified the content to increase both its coverage and research orientation (ECE 252A and 252C later underwent similar transformations by Professor Kwang-Ting Cheng and Professor Parhami, respectively). In 2000, based on a decade of experience in teaching this course, Professor Parhami published a graduate-level textbook (Oxford University Press), which is being used at many universities worldwide. The second edition of this textbook is scheduled to appear in mid to late 2009. The link Computer Arithmetic: Algorithms and Hardware Designs takes you to the book's Web page which contains brief and complete tables of contents, presentation material, and a list of known errors. Special note: Web links in the following descriptions may be out of date. Please refer to the most recent offering of ECE 252B for up-to-date information. Link to the most recent offering of ECE 252B: Computer Arithmetic Previous offerings of ECE 252B Spring Quarter 2008 Spring Quarter 2007 Fall Quarter 2005 (course cancelled) Winter Quarter 2005 Fall Quarter 2003 Fall Quarter 2002 Fall Quarter 2001 Winter Quarter 2001 Winter Quarter 2000 Return to: Top of this page ECE 252B: Spring Quarter 2008 offering This area is reserved for important course announcements: 2008/05/30: Presentations for Parts V and VI have now been updated for spring 2008 in the textbook's website. Except for grade stats for HW4 and the final exam, to be posted as they become available, all information on this page is now final and will not be further updated. 2008/05/25: HW4 (last one for the course) has been posted below. Please also see the posted notes on homework solutions. 2008/05/19: Updated presentations for part IV of the text have been posted. 2008/05/11: HW3 has been posted below. The midterm exam grades have a mean of 62 and a median of 65. The grade list is as follows -- 39 42 45 47 48 57 58 62 62 67 68 69 70 73 74 76 81 86 2008/04/22: HW2 has been posted below. Updated presentation for part III of the textbook will be posted by April 30. 0008/04/07: HW1 and a preliminary list of research topics have been posted below. Updated presentation for part I of the textbook is now available
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ece252b-2000-08 - ece_252b_old ECE 252B: History and...

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