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Behrooz Parhami[6/18/2009 10:44:36 AM] Curriculum Vitae Research Computer arithmetic Parallel processing Fault tolerance Broader research Research history List of publications Teaching ECE1 Freshman sem ECE154 Comp arch ECE252B Comp arith ECE252C Adv dig des ECE254B Par proc ECE257A Fault toler Teaching experience Student supervision Math + Fun! Textbooks Computer arithmetic Parallel processing Fault tolerance Comp architecture Other books Service Professional activities Academic service Community service Industrial consulting Useful Links Behrooz Parhami's ECE 252B Course Outline and Schedule Computer Arithmetic, Spring 2009 Enrollment code: 11353 Prerequisite: ECE 152A and ECE 152B (or equivalents) Class meetings: TR 12:00-1:30, Girvetz 2115 Instructor: Professor Behrooz Parhami Open office hours: T 2:00-3:30, R 10:00-11:30, HFH 5155 Course announcements: Listed in reverse chronological order Course calendar: Schedule of lectures, homework, and exams Homework assignments: Four assignments, worth a total of 20% Exams: Closed-book midterm, worth 30% Research paper: Report and short oral presentation, worth 50% Research paper guidlines: Brief guide to format and contents References: Textbook and other sources ( Textbook's web page ) Lecture slides: Available on the textbook's web page Miscellaneous information: Motivation, catalog entry, history Course Announcements 2009/06/18: The spring 2009 offering of ECE 252B is now officially over and course grades have been reported to the Registrar's Office. There will be no further updates to this Web page. Have a pleasant summer! 2009/05/28: All lecture slides, with the exception of those for Part VII (Chapters 25-28) of the textbook, have been updated for 2009. 2009/05/18: Research paper title and references are due this week. Paper abstract and outline are due on 6/2 (extended from 5/28). Lecture slides for Part V of the textbook have been updated. 2009/05/01: As announced in class, in preparation for the midterm exam, there will be extra instructor office hours on M 5/4, 2:00-3:30 PM. Updated lecture slides for Part IV of the textbook are now available. 2009/04/19: HW#2 has been posted below (ch. 9-12, due R 4/30). Lecture slides, available from the textbook's Web page, have been updated up to Chapter 8 and will be updated no later than T 4/21 for Chapters 9-12. Please note that preliminary references for your research topic will be due in 9 days (T 4/28). 2009/04/02: Our classroom has changed to Girvetz 2115, because the old classroom (Phelps 1437) did not provide an adequate computer projection system. Updated lecture slides for Parts I and II of the textbook (Chap. 1-8) are now available, as are lead references for each of the suggested research topics. 2009/03/27:
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course ECE 252b taught by Professor Parhami,b during the Fall '08 term at UCSB.

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ece252b-2009 - Behrooz Parhami Home & Contact Curriculum...

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