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UCSB Fall 2010 ECE 594C: Problem Set/Lab 1 Assigned: October 6 Due: October 20 (in class) Preparation: Browse fastICA algorithm description in the relevant papers on course home page, download fastICA code or alternative ICA code (e.g., extended Infomax, JADE) or write your own. Generate the following discrete-time signals of length N : s 1 [ n ] = 1 + cos( πn/ 2), n = 0 , 1 ,...,N - 1. (This is meant to model line noise in EEG). s 2 [ n ] = K i =1 p [ n - N i ] is a sum of pulses occurring at random instances { N i } , where N m = T 1 + ... + T m and { T i } are i.i.d. geometric random variables with mean 10. The number of terms K in the summation is random, and is the largest integer such that N K N . We can choose the pulse p to be triangular: set p ( n ) = n for 0 n 3 and p [ n ] = 0 otherwise. (This is meant to model randomly occurring impulsive events.) Each group should turn in a report with answers to the following questions. Attach any Matlab code that you have written, and mention which downloaded software, if any, you have used.
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