HW3 - Assignment 3 Due Monday Jan 31 at 10:45am 1 Using...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 3 Due Monday Jan. 31 at 10:45am 1. Using native methods in Android Android NDK provides tools for embedding components written by native languages, such as C/C++, for Android applications. This enables the reuse of existing codes and libraries. It also provides potential performance boost for compute-intensive tasks. This assignment is to help you get familiar with Android NDK, to equip you with knowledge of building C/C++ codes to share libraries and embedding them into Android applications. a) (10%) Install NDK : follow the instructions in http://developer.android.com/sdk/ndk/index.html to download and install Android NDK. The NDK includes multiple sample Android applications, in the directory of android-ndk- r5/samples/, which illustrate how to use native code in your Android applications. Each example includes a complete Android application project, the C code, and a build script. Look into the example hello-jni. Browse every subdirectory to identify the Android project source codes and resource files (HelloJni.java and *.xml), the C code (hello-jni.c), and the build script (Android.mk). Modify the file hello-jni.c to return Hello ece194/594BB from JNI! . Build this C code as a shared library, and then run the Android application to display the string specified in hello-jni.c on Android emulator or device. b) (35%) Medical image viewer and denoising application. Write an image viewer application to view medical images from a specific URL, display the image, and perform denosing on the image. The objective for this part of the assignment is to practice the use of the native method in Android. 181...
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HW3 - Assignment 3 Due Monday Jan 31 at 10:45am 1 Using...

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