Syllabus_revB - ECE 594D Robot Locomotion Winter 2010...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 594D Robot Locomotion Winter 2010 Course Syllabus Description This course investigates recent work in the areas of nonlinear dynamics and control of robots that walk, run, fly and swim. Instructor Prof. Katie Byl ([email protected]) Room 5115, Harold Frank Hall Time/Location Monday, Wednesday 2:00-3:50pm, in 1437 Phelps Prerequisites An undergraduate-level background in both System Dynamics and Controls . Office Hours Tuesday 10am-noon (and/or by appointment), in 5115 HFH. Required Text/Readings There is no text for this course. Instead, we will read, analyze and discuss a variety of recent publications relating to robot locomotion. Please be respectful that such publi- cations are protected by copyright law; any links to publications are for educational use by students within this course, only. Grading Class participation 30% (Includes leading at least one class discussion.) Homework 35% (Lowest HW grade will not be included in average.) Final Project 35% (With conference-length research paper and talk.) Participation Each student will be assigned a particular reading for which (s)he will lead a class discussion. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with me beforehand (either in regular office hours or by appointment) to review their assigned readings. Your grade for class participation will also depend on your regular contributions to other class discussions throughout the class. Homework Homework is due at the start of class. While some collaboration is allowed, direct copying is not (and will be dealt with severely). The lowest homework grade a student receives will not be included in calculating the total homework grade contribution. Projects Details on potential topics for the term project will be discussed in class. Deliverables for the term project include both a conference-length paper (e.g., 6-8 pp.) and a short, in-class presentation (about 15 minutes). (Last revised January 15, 2010) 1 Syllabus ECE 594D Robot Locomotion Winter 2010 Tentative Schedule Date Topics (numbering matches HWs) Required Readings † Optional Readings † Homework Out Due 1/4 1: Locomotion overview 1.1 Underactuation and controllability. [14] [48] · [45] · · 1/6 2: Passive dynamics in walking 2.1 Impedance; robot examples. [36] [41] [38] [42]; [12] · · 1/11 2.2 Stability analyses and modeling. [10, 25] [23, 47, 26] · · 1/13 3: Control methods for walking 3.1 Partial Feedback Linearization (PFL). [11] [49] · · · 1 (1/18) ** No class. (MLK’s Birthday.) ** – – – – 1/20 3.2 Stability margins. 3.3 Preview control for ZMP. · [31] [22] [32] 2 1 1/25 3.4 Hybrid Zero Dynamics (HZD). 3.5 (Manifold control.) [53] · [54] [20] · · 1/27 4: Running gaits 4.1 Raibert hoppers; BigDog....
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Syllabus_revB - ECE 594D Robot Locomotion Winter 2010...

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