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ma5a - use student copies on their own PC’s Format Course...

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Engr 5A (ECE) Class: 1260 Phelps, Wednsday 2:00-2:50 Organization: Lectures, Weekly Homework, Quizes Answer Keys scanned into web pages. Teacher: Forrest Brewer (x8043) 4159 EngrI TA: Anna Tauke ([email protected]) Class Materials: Class Notes (PDF) on Web (updated periodically) http://www.bears.ece.ucsb/class/eng5a/engr5a.html Facilities: ECI Cad Lab: Mathematica, MATLAB, MAPLE etc. Students are encouraged to use computer techniques for problem solutions-- Some problems may require use of computer hosted tools. Students can make use of CADLAB tools or
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Unformatted text preview: use student copies on their own PC’s. Format: Course is intended to supplement Ma5a content Syllabus: Complex Variables, Functions and Techniques Review of First Order Differential Equations Second Order Linear Equations Second Order w. Constant Coefficients--RLC Circuits and Resonance Linear Algebra -- Determinants and Linear Independence--Passive Circuit Graphs and Matrix Form Linear Algebra -- Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors Systems of Linear Differential Equations--Coupled Resonance...
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