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IMG_0003_NEW_0010 - mdimum a fim would invest wgld b PoPrCB...

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tlelncentive to tnnovate ana Patents Ibr b D imwtion that will reduce costs fror UCo=eCo to l,tq=affi Fr& des{or would wmt to invest in knowledge creation if she could not qro?ride the profits qated by the imovation. In the absme of a [email protected] systs4 rc 6rm will invest myhing to fnance the imovation since if would iome Esaibble to all
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Unformatted text preview: mdimum a fim would invest wgld b. PoPrCB, the monopoly profits it would expect to em, thus inoeoiag tb*rlirrqd of adoption (ssming that the successful imovmr would *ill -cbdBe Po),_ In order to protectthe incentive to invest, mooopoly ;;";;;; irdad prupefiv is qeated. l"...
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