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IMG_0003_NEW_0016 - are(or were il*t i-a i e*a monopolies...

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Natwal MonoPolY- lso.. .onoooties arc creared ad t1"31!:L il1?#""*:,ru;;;g::*;:stenceor il'"* -*.t o-,il** an tarn! twtoPolia . ;":;t*;t dtre over reeulation and deregulation ''#T*;;;; r-rtl o,-u., or i-portant industries ili", ""t-- e", relecoomrmicarions)that
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Unformatted text preview: are (or were) il-*t i-a i e*a monopolies' . il *l* it is less costly for one firm to produce Q- tJ.t*-l * to bare many firms produce smaller @f,Dta . t* t"rnt*.t O"finition of a natural monopoly is ' to?,=?;-.t,.J (although demand does matter)'...
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