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i' Network *t"riititi*.iap"n r""r"l_= Syslems i Why, have consumers been relatively slo* to rrplace cash and 5-f,1g"rooonic payments devi"", rft. "i[a-*fr; -," fl_t'] *": .n is a form of netwo* "o.r,"ti"J-. t-onsumers will not adopt the cards unJ"* Uurin.r*L preparcd to accept them. Businesses *ltt oot iou"si in tt " necessary tecbnology unless tbey are certain that there
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Unformatted text preview: will be sufficient customer demand. Tbe result is a ..chicken and ess,, or.*catch-22" problem, which will no, t r"r"]""i'*o:i ,' "* criti,cal mass is achieved_ This proble. *^ ou"."oi" iJ,r," credit card market by VISA anj MasteCard. /so #AHff"'f,.ffi ff*flffy:* *""*. d'ev hrertr tul& dimdv...
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