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.-.,ra LAPE Updated: March 31,2010 lntrod uctio n Tendler's article provides a rare case study of radical imprcivement in governance in the developing world. This exercise is designed to distill some of the lessons from her study of the developmentofanewpublichealthsysteminCeara,Brazil. Afteryoudiscussthisinyourgroups,we will discuss as a class the possible lessons. AllGroups ,, . 4r. u ill' i - t, I Jrrer " ' \ r Consider the context of the case. What were the central challenges? How did it avoid corruption? How sustainable do you think this case was for the long-term? Consider the key issues of whether and how a cco u nta bility, re lia bi lity, consistency, a nd tra nspa re ncy we re ach ieved. 2 ,'1, , !.:.'/l.lt- How comparable is this case to other situations? What lessons can you cullfrom your group work that might be applied to other cases? hrVoforr n - .- ,
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Unformatted text preview: .'rl- ' .;-;; '1.--L-tl*tqnsAo'*, $lvol'or --.-l-'" .. - -Group 1: Decentralization f*n,t9.-.c'S 3ir\qa'ie' Consider the role of the state and municipal governments, and the public sector employees unicns. Whatwerethepossiblepitfallsandhowweretheyavoided?i.], Group 2: personnet {al rr"'v'''hfiv-tr€i,ur(+- fllt.K$i$ t:l*.tttt tt ' ' --) r l "'i,TJ r.-{,.racrs -';' '1.:',F. -o Consider the new civil servants hired. What institutional innovations created an env!ronment r.,,here excellence was embraced? What provisions were made for training and disciplining rvorkers? Group 3: Beneficiaries What was the role of the beneficiaries in this case? What should have been the role? How do we know how they felt about this governance structure? What input did they and pcssibly others have in creating accountability in the system? 75-E{Iy{::...
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