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IMG_0001_NEW - Electron distribution and bond polaritl H-N...

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. $-eaker bond = stronger acid HF HCI FIBr HI K.= i0r 10. 108 l0e 1::c' Bond Bond Srei:e:h Length DissociationEnersr , | | 1t l it I vv Ll Bond Polarity . Acid strength also correlates to bond polarity Increasing acid strength Greater electrone gativity difference between atoms in H-X bond : more polar bond = loss of H*
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Unformatted text preview: Electron distribution and bond polaritl' H-N .:. .. . q., .- .: :-- i *** "*l aP \€t mode ralelr Jil'lerent r -.1 : '- - - -electronesatir itie: a.3;::. - r-:. identical electronegati vities cH, NH3 HrO Itr Increasing bond polarity Increasin acid strensth...
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