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€usiw1 g Global Health and Ethic t (W + F Status of Global Health o There are clear, vast inequalities in quality of life, health as well as efforts to solve healthcare shortcomings. o The US spends 5O%of annualglobal health expenditures on healthcare of 5% of the world's population o "9o/7O gap": less than 10% of towards the health problems that affect 90% of the global population. Global Health Ethics "ln its occeptonce of humon diversity, global heolth is an expression of support for human rights. And with humon rights as o key volue, globol heolth ethics thus provides o moral guidonce for world health systems ond governonce." lnternational vs. Global Health o lnternational: relates more to health practices, policies and systems and stresses more the differences between countries than their commonalities. lt is focused on bilateral foreign aid activities rather than on collective action, to disease control in poor countries, and to medical missionary
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Unformatted text preview: work. r Global: relates to health issues and concerns that transcend national borders, class, race, ethnicity and culture. The term stresses the commonality of health issues and which require a collective (partnership-based) action. Bioethics Bioethics is ". ..the systemotic study of the morol dimensions. .. of the life scie nces o nd h e a lth co re." o Covers ethical, legal, policy, social and cultural issues in clinical medicine, nursing, public health, biomedical research, and social and behavioral sciences, among others. Areas of Bioethics 1. Normative ethics Empiricalethics Clinical ethics 4, Public health ethics 5. Global health ethics 6. Research ethics 7. Neuroethics Abuses in Human Subjects Research Nazi Experiments Willowbrook School Study Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital Miligram Obedience Study Key Documents Protecting Human Subjects Nuremberg Code Helsinki Declaration 2. 3. L. 2. 3. 4. e Belmont Report...
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