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9e*S;ovt t / The Environment and Health 6rT!-1 Outline o The concept of "environmental health" o The impact of water and sanitation and indoor and outdoor air pollution on the burden of disease in the developing world o The costs and consequences of environmental health issues on people and on societies o Addressing key environmental health issues in cost-effective ways Key Concepts o Environment "external physical, chemical, and microbiological exposures and processes that impinge upon individuals and groups and are beyond the immediate control of individuals" o Environmental Health "Set of public health efforts that is concerned with preventing disease, death, and disability by reducing exposure to adverse environmental conditions and promoting behavior change. lt focuses on the direct and indirect causes of disease and injuries and taps resources inside and outside of healthcare system to help improve
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Unformatted text preview: health outcomes". Scale and level of impact o Household Unsafe water, poor sanitation, waste disposal, crowded housing and poor ventilation, toxic substances r CommuniV Poor water resource management, vehicle and industrial air pollution r Global Climate change, ozone depletion Key Environmental Health Burdens o lndoor air pollution o Outdoor air pollution o Sanitation, water, and hygiene Three necessities of life Food, water, air lndoor Air pollution r Heating and Cooking o Woman and children are at greater risk Outdoor Air Pollution o 1.5 % of annual deaths attributed to Outdoor Air Pollution o SOTo ofdeaths among age group 60 and more . 3 To of deaths - children o 2/3 of deaths - developing countries in Asia (China and lndia) Access to safe water and sanitation 1.1 billion people lack access to improved water sources (UNICEF, 2004)...
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