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LISCIl60. tlW, SFLJ-Spring 2010 Task One: General Information: Q I : In which geographic region (both according to the World country located? available) Create a table with the following six columns: Page 2 of6 (2 points) Bank and WHO) is your (3 points) /' Q2: Which income group does your country belong to (based on World Bank classification)? Task Two: Data presentationl I. Table: General Health and Population Indicators (Please obtain the latest year . Name of the indicator or statistic o Latest year reported . Value of the indicator for your country o Average regional value (world average if the regional is not available) o Source of the estimate of this indicator. Include name olthe source (e.g. World Bank, WHO, LfNDP, etc.) . Reference: a) Electronic reference: URL and date accessed: or b) Standard reference:
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Unformatted text preview: Name of publication and 1'ear You should obtain data for the follon'ing indicators and input it into the table: . GDP per capita (PPP $US) o Human Development Index o Life Expectancy at Birth o Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) . Under 5 Mortality Rate (<5MR) e Matemal Mortality Ratio (modeled) - if not arailable. obtain the national estimate o Total Fertility Rate (births per r,voman) . Adult literacy rate Q: Describe how are the values of those indicators different from the average regional values? Is your country doing better or worse compared to the regional indicators? (2 points) i See Appendix I for a Sample Table rrl rl.t '...
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