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Page 3 of6 HSCI160, HW, SFU-Spring 2010 I l. Trcnds Create a table or a graph (insert it here) demonstrating the time trends of the following indicators for your country. (Please starl with the earliest and end u.ith the most recent dates available). a) Life expectancy at birth b) Infant Mortality Rate, c) Under 5 Mortality Rate, d) Total Fertility Rate. (3 points) Feel free to use any graph/table generating tools available on \VHO. WB. LNDP, UNICEF websites. Recommended online database fbr this is the WB's Data and Statistics (go to the fbllowing links and select Data Query System and fbllow the instructions of use): http ://u'eb.w'orldbank. org/W B S ITE/EXTERNAL/TOPIC
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Unformatted text preview: E. \ L- THNUTRITIONAN D POPULATION/EXTDATASTATISI'ICSHNP/EXTFIIJPS'fATS'0. .nenuPK:3237172-page PK:64 1 68,127"'piPK: 64 I 6843 5-theSitePK: 323 7 1 I 8.00.htrnl *Table or Graph to be inserted here Q: Briefly describe the time trends of each indicator above. Are there anv patterns of change? (2 points) Task Three: Population Pyramids (1 Point) Give 5 population pyramids fbr your country beginning u'ith the earliest ar ailable date and future projections (e.g., 1970,7990,2005,2025,2050) to shou the demosraphic transition in coLlntrv. http :,'/u rvw.census. gov/ipchvwdidb/ * Poptrltrion Pyramid.s to be inserted here...
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