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HSCI I 60, HW. SFU-Spring 2010 Page 6 of6 Appendix 2 Sources of Data/Statistics World Health Organization Country-speci f ic health infb http ://wwrv. who. i nt/c WHOSIS database (WHO) h, You can use the "Query o.f'Online Dutabase" World Health Reports (WHO) http ://lrrlu'. r,r,ho. int/r.r'hr/previous/en,tinder. html For example, Annex 2 antl 3 o.f II'HR 2003 cctntctin clutct on cleuth.s ctnLl hurtlen o.f diseuses. Human Development Report (tiNDP) http ://hdr. r,rndp. org
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Unformatted text preview: lenist:it i sti c s'/ HNPStats/World Bank http://ri'\UTRITIO\.\\D POPULATION/EXTDA fASTATIS'fICSHNP/EX'THNPSTATS/0".menuPK:313 7171^-pase I'}K:64 I 68427"-pif'}K : 64 1 6843 5-theSitePK: 323 7 1 1 8.00.html Demographic and Health Sur"veys (MEASURE Project) - http://wrl'r,v.measuredhs.corn/. l{ote: Comprehensive and reliable survey data, but not available ftir all countries UNICEF - http://'uvwlv.unicef .org/statistics/index.html b'^rt eo",h. -) Gtu41"! @ Wtr +Eiu b1 inrnnu...
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