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zv. rn Leuers. seasonal vacctne and HINI. arguments in the debate with Janjua et al. results. With regard to selection bias related to chronic conditions, Garcia-Garcia et al. write tttat airffidts cases and controls in prevalence of underlying chronic diseases happened naturally according to which people requested req care at the hospital and thus cases and controls came from the- trom thJ_Sarne source population. Does this argument convince you that there is
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Unformatted text preview: little or no concern about selection bias due to differences in chronic conditions between cases and controls? State "Yes" or "No" and then give a short but complete explanation in this box of how you came to your conclusron. N)\l , 'Y s'nts' ho*.& q^d, ryrb i^ +Ae -fu,yr*eq!- a.on-*' /a{ motr, '# 4Xa tr|" cas<t cluriy tlw study, +hvts nute Ssb-culn Li-a5 be Ifith rrnufn <tud y fo f /tw nuo Mfua_L,.yz</ez...
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