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IMG_0003_NEW_0033 - in referrals between cases and controls...

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2I. In"Letters. Seasonal vaccine qnd HINI. Authors' reply, " Garcia-G arcia etal. make counter- arguments in the debate with Janjua et al. about bias in their study results. With regard to selection bias related to controls having more referrals than cases, Garcia-Garcia et al. respondedlhat although their hospital is a specialist hospital, a considerable proportion of its patient poprlution (both cases ind controls) was not referred because the referral system was poor. Does this argument convince you that there is little or no concern about selection bias due
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Unformatted text preview: in referrals between cases and controls? State "Yes" or'@und then give a short but complete explanation in this box of how you came to your cohflusion. W, S'hte- c-lg\<ri"sL ,,+ ;y1,-ftaza d-ah.rad c-am?lrca-enh5 hrt hyh *oT A,e Grei{s ahd, +hu5 Chrttxu W l*',3 lre-eh \le&tvrced svtt; ih <h. Jehuu-&-go7,^\a*V-On Aitc', ^twytb Ctnt*.'Q. gagu,l cy't<on , tW r4\-u,en 3y 0f tfi,^rtsc, vegxrwt(A A* i -y tl,e 9rel'lo'*t5eas0h by aSe.Jroq loWl-d'qA vacca66 ***y r^epo)-tJ. na-eion ll) {SCI330 Assignment#l - Spring 2010-02-10 Page 8 of 10...
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